Social-Mobile App for Talents

A mobile app designed for individuals with hidden talents to showcase their abilities by either posting videos or going live for a public audience, with voting features to determine winners.

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Main Challenges

Due to intense online competition, emerging talents struggled to showcase their abilities, as existing platforms primarily catered to established creators and audiences. To address this void, the client engaged Apptech to develop a unique application that empowers newcomers to display their skills.

Apptech Solution

Following an in-depth review, Apptech's team crafted a versatile mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS, featuring advanced video streaming capabilities. The app allows creators to record and post videos and earn rankings based on their performance.
It also includes a contest feature where creators can compete for various prizes. The software facilitates guest browsing for video viewing and requires registration with basic details for content creation.


Apptech successfully developed a mobile application that has opened new avenues for emerging talent, now engaging a broad user base. The app's responsive recording and live streaming features not only entertain but also offer a platform for skill display. Users can earn rankings and even monetary rewards based on their performance. As a result, the application has effectively modernized the traditional talent showcasing platforms, enhancing both the quality and engagement level of its user experience.

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