Internal Communication Portal

A Microsoft SharePoint-based internal communication portal designed to empower our client's team with the tools they need for efficient work management and task streamlining.

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Main Challenges

Our client encountered significant challenges in orchestrating effective communication between team members, customers, and management. To address this, they contacted Apptech to develop an internal portal focused on communication and task management, leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint to streamline their operational workflow.

Apptech Solution

After conducting an in-depth analysis of the client's specific requirements, Apptech crafted KAIF, an advanced management system hosted on Microsoft SharePoint. This system is not just a communication portal; it's a multifaceted platform designed to revolutionize both internal and external communications for our client's team.
Beyond basic messaging, the portal integrates multiple workflows, enabling seamless project tracking, real-time collaboration, and automated reporting. It also features a dynamic badge system that categorizes users based on their rank or role. This badge system not only customizes feature accessibility but also allows for tiered permission levels, thereby enhancing security and accountability within the organization.


AIF has been instrumental in unifying our client's teams onto a single platform, thereby facilitating seamless operations and streamlined task management. This internal communication tool not only conserves time but also heightens accountability and boosts overall efficiency. By centralizing communications and workflows, KAIF has effectively optimized the work environment, enabling teams to function at their highest potential.

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