Fintech-driven Consumer Portal

A solution that integrates a mobile app with a web portal, tailored to handle various fintech-driven banking activities. Its primary features empower banks to provide their registered users with vital online services, including account and card administration, loan facilitation, dispute resolution, and other financial dealings.

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Main Challenges

Managing bank-related tasks from home was a significant challenge, requiring people to visit the bank and wait in lines, consuming their valuable time. To address this issue, our client reached out to Apptech for a solution. The aim was to develop a reliable platform that would streamline the banking process, eliminate the need for in-person visits, and enhance user efficiency and satisfaction by enabling easy and quick resolution of banking tasks.

Apptech Solution

Following an exhaustive analysis, Apptech's team formulated a project plan to create a comprehensive mobile app and web portal called Nayifat, leveraging Fintech technology.
The solution provided a seamless experience for managing a range of banking tasks, all from the comfort of one's home or office, by allowing users to handle everything from new account requests and credit card management to dispute resolutions and installment plans remotely.


Apptech successfully developed a digital platform that has seen a surge in user registrations and mobile app installations. This innovation has enabled users to access all essential banking functions from their mobile devices or PCs. This not only conserved users' time but also optimized bank staff's efficiency by automating the entire process. As a result, the banking experience has been modernized, enhancing the quality and speed of service delivery.

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