B2B RealEstate Inspection platform

A user-friendly B2B platform designed to connect investors with qualified real-estate inspectors, where users can request evaluations to ensure the quality of their choices. Likewise, inspectors can sign up to generate income by conducting inspections and providing valuable insights to clients.

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Main Challenges

In Saudi Arabia, the process of purchasing real estate can be challenging, complicated further by occasional incidents of fraud. These issues pose particular risks for inexperienced investors. To address these challenges, our client approached us with the goal of creating a reliable two-way platform for real estate marketing to offer investors a secure way to access the market without risks and to allows in the same time inspectors to join and provide their expert opinions for a fee.

Apptech Solution

Following an exhaustive evaluation, Apptech's team engineered Ayen, an avant-garde Business-to-Business (B2B) application that digitalizes the intricate process of property inspection, from request initiation to report generation. The application eradicates the need for manual negotiations and cumbersome paperwork, thereby streamlining the entire workflow by allowing both inspectors and customers to register their needs and proposals effortlessly.
Once an agreement is reached, engineering companies—acting as inspectors—visit the property for a comprehensive assessment. The application is equipped with features for managing inspector profiles, scheduling inspections, and even adhering to specific real estate regulations that govern the evaluation of electricity, construction, and water pipelines.


Apptech's Ayen has caught the attention of property professionals from the first days, as it expanded the reach of our client and attracted a growing number of investors and inspectors. This innovative B2B application not only streamlined the buying properties by supporting inspection services but also prevented fraud, thus enhancing trust among users. As a result, Ayen has significantly boosted both the speed and quality of real estate investment decisions while adhering to strict industry regulations.

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