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We help you in realization of portal solutions, which are aligned optimally with the requirements of your organization.

Enterprise Portal

Enterprise Portal

The past few decades have seen a change in the working of human kind and the utilization of the services by mankind. The world is shrinking in to a global village and digitization is conquering it. This digitization and the changes associated with the processes and services are demanding a change for the way organizations interact with customers, employees and business partners. The companies providing relevant information, business processes and applications to their customers and employees, have competitive advantages over the others. Digital experiences can be idealized with web based enterprise portals. The enterprise portals allow processes, applications, and services to be accessed personally through mobile devices and desktops. They also achieve the targets of crucial requirements of the business in connection with control as well as security.

We help you in realization of portal solutions, which are aligned optimally with the requirements of your organization, because we dig in to your challenges and bring brilliant offers for your company.

With our experience in implementation of solutions, you can consult us for assistance from initial analysis of status quo of your company’s system landscape through to implementation of the enterprise portal solution for specific needs. Our experts analyze the existing system landscape, record current and target processes and analyze existing interfaces. We also provide integration consulting including technical advices for optimized business processes, drafting of concepts and architectures, technical advices relevant to technologies in use, choice of backend integration technologies (web services, REST, message broker), and choice of optimum GUI integration technologies (iFrames, Adobe EM etc.).

We can help you develop enterprise intranets and extranets, creating more cost effective information sharing, and ensuring transparent collaboration regardless of your employee’s location. We offer the solutions, which are simple access on common browsers, require installations and updates for clients, and personalized web widgets. Our solutions are optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

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