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We have expertise in CMS technology, and can assist you from selection and operation to maintenance of ECMS.

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Internet, intranet, and extranet have become crucial factors for sustenance of businesses in the developing world. Seamless integration of Content Management Systems (CMS) has its importance for companies. The commercialized systems used by companies these days do not meet necessary requirements for successful businesses in the world. Up-gradation of the products is also related with increase in cost due to which sometimes it is more technological to replace the product. We at Apptech provide you with specialist consultation for systematic introduction, development as well as replacement of Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS).

Enterprise CMS

With the increasing requirements, replacement and modifications in systems is required. An intranet, internet or extranet infrastructure, which is incrementally grown and non-standardized, required time and is costly to maintain. In today’s world, the companies require a homogenous product range that allows enterprise content management system to be seamlessly integrated in to uniform architecture of information within the company. This system must also incorporate different types and the sources of content. The processes used for content creation and analysis are meant to be efficient and simple. If a company lacks mobile strategy and support, the data on devices cannot be supported and presented uniformly. Commercially used solutions don not satisfy graphical specifications and hence fail to integrate social media activities.

We are here to provide solutions to all of these problems, as we provide your consultancy, advices and assistance which space the entire value chain. We have expertise in CMS technology, and can assist you from selection and operation to maintenance of ECMS. Our experts can provide assistance in product selection involving market research, creation of requirement catalogue, introduction of checklists for functional and non-functional requirements, creation of evaluation; PoC involving analysis of longlist tools, preparation of shortlist, implementation and evaluation of PoC; implementation of the solution involving efficient development of ECMS products on Java and .NET, customization, development, and integration of the solution using agile approach, implementation of interfaces and integration of content providers, integration of legacy systems; and testing of the ECMS.

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